​​​​SUN:  ***Om Suryaye/Adityaye Namah***

  • Water should be offered to Sun daily, can be offered in any utensil or
  • Donate copper, wheat, sugar-cane on Sunday or
  • Avoid eating raw salt and using copper made items.


Respect &take care of father/fatherly (पिता तुल्य) figures & get their blessings by touching feet


MOON: ***Om Chandraye/Somaye Namah***

  • Offer 1 fist full of white sugar to ants on Monday or
  • Should donate milk to any 4th class employee on every Purnima or
  • Feed milk to cat/dog on Monday or
  • Donate rice, curd, silver etc to a female on Monday or
  • Offer Water or Jal-Abhishek to Lord Shiva
  • Do fasting on Monday or on Poornima
  • Respect & take care of  the female members of their family

Respect & take care of mother/motherly (माता तुल्य) figures & get their blessings by touching feet


MARS: ***Om Mangalaye/Bhomaye/Angarkaye Namah***

  • Offer 1 fist full of sugar to ants on Tuesday or
  • Offer prasaad for Bajrangbali on Tuesday or
  • Mix sindoor with mustard-oil & offer to Bajrangbali on Tuesday or
  • Offer two boondi-laddoo to ants on every Tuesday or
  • Donate masoor dal (red colour pulse), sweets,etc on Tuesday or
  • ​Donate apple, pomegranate, carrot or tomato on Tuesday or
  • ​Offer chola (चोला) to Bajrangbali in a month or two on Tuesday 
  • Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday & read Hanuman Chalisa daily

Take care & keep healthier relations with siblings or cousins


MERCURY: ***Om Buddhaye Namah***

  • Offer pencil or any other stationary item to Kanjak-devi (Kanya) on Wednesday & take their blessings by touching their feet
  • Take some Pearl millet (बाजरा) & feed it to birds by putting it on roof-top on Wednesday or
  • ​Offer chlormint(green) chocolate to ants on Wednesday or
  • Offer green grass (चारा) to cows on Wednesday or
  • Donate moong dal (green coloured pulse), green clothes etc on Wednesday or
  • Donate green vegetables on Wednesday or
  • Give water in the root of Tulsi plant​ &
  • ​Don't use abusive/aggressive language & get provoked/irritate on minor issues

Respect & keep healthier relations with daughters, aunts (बुआ, मौसी, ताई, चाची, मामी) & keep fulfilling all the duties/responsibilities of brother, nephew etc, get their blessings by touching feet


​​​​JUPITER: ***Om Gurve/Brahaspatye Namah***

  • Offer 1 fist full of white sugar to ants on Thursday or
  • ​Give water to the roots of banana tree on Thursday
  • Donate some (4-5) hanumaan chalisa or any other religious books (धर्मिक ग्रन्थ) to temple or any religious place or
  • ​Donate chana/tuar dal, turmeric, yellow clothes etc on Thursday
  • Offer 2 Marigold (गेंदे के फूल) to God (Hanumaanji, Ganeshji, Kanha, Shivji or Durgaji) daily

​Never disrespect any Guru (धर्म गुरु), Teacher, Religious books & don't ever use abusive language for them even if you don't agree to them. Get blessings of Guru by touching feet

VENUS: ***Om Shukraye Namah***

  • Offer 1 fist full of white sugar to ants on Friday or
  • ​Donate perfume (इत्र) to some one on Friday or
  • Should donate dhoop-batti (धूप-बत्ती) to Temple or Gurudwara on Friday or
  • Should donate curd,rice,milk to female or cow or
  • Feed half portion of his food  to a cow for at least 40 days 

Respect/Regard and love your spouse/partner

SATURN: ***Om Shanyeh Namah***

  • Give water in the root of Peepal plant daily or
  • Light an earthern lamp for Shni dev/Peepal plant or
  • Donate Rs.1-2 to beggar on Saturday or
  • Donate but avoid using Black-Blue color or​
  • Donate black-chikpea (काले चने), black-sesame (काले तिल), black-lentils/pulse (काली दाल), brinjal (बैंगन), mustard, or sesame oil 
  • ​Should donate dhoop-batti (धूप-बत्ती) to Temple or Gurudwara on Saturday

Never be disrespectful or use abusive language for servants, beggars or other 4th class employees. Treat them with respect

​RAHU: ***Om Rahu Devtaye Namah or ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रोम सह राहुवेह नमः (night 10pm to 1am)*** 

  • Offer Satnaja (सतनजा) to ants on Saturday after sun-set or
  • Respect elders
  • Donate something for destitutes (बेसहारा) or orphanage (अनाथ आश्रम) or Physically Handicapped on Saturday or
  • ​​Should donate tea dust (chai-patti) to beggars/cleaners or any 4th class employee on every amavasya or
  • Donate black clothes, coal, mustard seed, radish (मूली) to leper (कोढ़ी) or cleaning personnel or beggar
  • Cooperate in any girls marriage either by giving his physical service or financial assistance

​​Never be disrespectful or use abusive language or make fun of destitute, physically challenged person or beggars. Rather help them in what so-ever way you can

KETU: ***Om Ketuve Namah***

  • Offer chapati with ghee or milk to dogs, tame or care a black dog, feed dogs daily or
  • Offer 4 chickpea flour laddoo (बेसन के लड्डू) at hanumaan or ganesh temple or
  • Wear gold ear-rings

Keep good relations with maternal side​______________________________________________

Common Donations for Shani/Rahu/Ketu: 

  • Dpnate brinjal (बैंगन) or 
  • ​Donate iron-griddle pan to beggar or needy or can donate electric-fan, tube-light at deaf-dumb school, or at Sr. citizen home or at Orphanage or
  • ​Donate black-ribbon (Shani) blue-ribbon (Rahu) to Kanjak-Devi (कन्या), its very good for people who are into business as it also one of the best remedy for Mercury (बुद्ध). Donation of Black-Blue socks/shoes or Toy will also help or
  • On Amavasya chant mantra (पाठ) of Shani/Rahu/Ketu atleast 4 times in whole day or
  • ​Can flow a electric wire in water or
  • Can donate iron-griddle pan, knife for chopping vegetables at a religious place Temple/Gurudwara etc.

Donations can be done to 4th class employees, beggars, sweepers, lepers or kanjak-devi (कन्या)