Gem Stones are used to activate favourable or well placed Planets in our Natal-Chart or Janam-Lagna-Kundli. Suitable Gem-Stones help in reducing the deficiency of particular color in our body as they are worn 24X7 and so gives favourable results reducing the obstacles and complicacies in our life. That's the reason the selection of suitable Gem-Stones is very important as inappropriate stones cause unimaginable problems in our life. 

Original Gem-Stones are costly, in case someone don't want to spend much initially they may go for selecting the substitutes. Substitutes are also effective though not as much as the original much. We also help you suggesting the substitutes and other ways which are very effective to obtain the good results from favourable Planets.

Along-with the original stones we also provide substitutes of all the precious stones, these substitutes are very cost-effective and anyone can afford these substitutes.

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  • Wear Gem-Stones only after consulting a professional Astrologer
  • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones
  • Even Pearl (मोती) & Yellow Sapphire (पीला - पुखराज) can be fatal, can give incurable diseases & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart.

      Astrology Gem-Stone weight conversion:

          200 mg = 1 Carat                        &              182 mg = 1 Ratti

        1 Carat = 1.098901 Ratti             or             1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat  

       Note: Ayurveda Ratti conversion,  122 mg = 1 Ratti (This conversion shouldn't be used for Gem-Stones)


​​We provide all sorts of precious & semi-precious Gem-Stone

Gem-Stones are not stocked by us, we don't have counter-sale. We import Gems as per client's requirement 

Gem-Stones are delivered within 10-15 working days of payment

Natural Gem-Stones:

Ruby (माणिक्य): Myanmar (Burma), Mozambique

Pearl (मोती): South Sea Pearls from shorelines of Indonesia/Philippines/Australia, Fresh-Water/Akoya/Tahitian & Basra Pearls

Red-Coral (मूंगा): Italian, Japanese

Emerald (पन्ना): Zambian, Columbian, Brazilian (Skota)

Yellow-Sapphire (पुखराज): Srilankan-Ceylon, Bangkok Sapphires

Opal (दूधिया-पत्थर): Ethopian, Australian

Diamond (हीरा): Russian, South-African, Australian, Canadian

White-Sapphire (सफ़ेद पुखराज): Srilankan-Ceylon, Bangkok Sapphires

Blue-Sapphire (नीलम): Srilankan-Ceylon, Bangkok Sapphires