The information and data in our Astrology website NAVGRHASTRO.COM is to be treated purely for your guidance based on the principles of Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology. The predictions and remedies are suggested on the basis of the accurate birth details provided by the customer. Any prediction or remedies suggested to you is not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, architect, psychiatrist or financial advisor. However, following the suggested remedies/donations religiously will surely be beneficial.

Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology is science which deals with effect of NAVAGRAHA or nine Planets on us. To analyse the effects we need to calculate the placement, degree state and status of NAVAGRAHA or nine Planets accurately

​The predictions and remedies suggested by NAVGRHASTRO.COM are based on Date, Time and Place of birth provided by the native. Hence, we do not held any responsibility for the accuracy of this data. Astrological calculations, predictions and remedies or Gem-Stone suggestions are all based on this basic input given by the native. Any deviation even of one minute from the actual may result in changing the whole set of predictions.

The spiritual results suggested on NAVGRHASTRO.COM or remedies suggest by us through consultation and services or products listed on NAVGRHASTRO.COM are as per the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures. Neither NAVGRHASTRO.COM nor Vikas Bhardwaj will be responsible or can be held responsible for non fecundation of the suggested remedies.

The predictions and remedies suggested and the information given in the pages of NAVGRHASTRO.COM shall not be made a cause of legal dispute for any actual or consequential loss to the user. No cause of action for any damage or otherwise can therefore be entertained by NAVGRHASTRO.COM or Vikas Bhardwaj.

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