Result of all 9 planets for Aquarius Ascendant

Click on Planets below to know Aquarius Ascendant Characteristics  in all 12 houses of Natal-Chart or Horoscope 

As we have explained earlier that Ascendant is Sign in which a native is born. This Sign known as Ascendant is rising in Eastern Horizon at the time of native's birth.

In Aquarius – कुम्भ is house of Saturn or Shani and Aquarius is also Moola-Trikon sign of Saturn. Aquarius Ascendant or Sign  is represented by number Eleven (11).
Along with Aquarius the other house of Saturn is Capricorn i.e. Makar which is its General or Sadharan sign and is represented by number Ten (10).
So, if in the first house of your Natal-Chart or Lagna-Chart or Kundli or Horoscope number Eleven (11) is written it means your natal chart is of Aquarius Ascendant (i.e. you are born in Saturn) and your Ascendant Lord or Lagna Lord is Saturn.

For a native with Aquarius Ascendant -
Favourable Planets - Saturn or Shani, Jupiter or Brahaspati or Guru, Venus or Shukra and Mercury or Buddh
Average Planet - Mars or Mangal or Kuja
Unfavourable Planets - Moon or Chandra and Sun or Surya

But this doesn't mean that for Aquarius Ascendant all favourable Planets will give good results, average Planet will give average results or unfavourable Planets will give bad results.
Various important indicators like - placements of Planets, their power or strength and conjunction with other planets will decide whether a Planet will be beneficial or destructive for native in Aquarius Ascendant.

So, don't jump to a conclusion, rather try to understand and analyse the above mentioned important indicators to decide which Planet needs to be activated and which Planet need to be calm down by taking proper remedial measures for Aquarius Ascendant native.

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