NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY was launched in 2016 with the divine propose of providing Astrology Services to people encountering different issues and obstacles in life

We at NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY perform detailed horoscope analysis and provide Astrology Services as remedies for – marriage/financial/health/progeny/ foreign travel related issues. Our horoscope analysis is based on the scriptures of Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology. Our horoscope analysis, all other Astrology Services and other remedies are always endorsed by our clients. We are proficient in suggesting gem-stones as per natal chart or birth chart of native.
As per our clients Astrology Services provided by NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY through detailed horoscope analysis are highly credible.
Along-with Astrology Services and guidance, NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY also deals in all sorts of gem-stones and their substitutes which we suggest after detailed horoscope analysis. We don’t have counter sale for gem-stones, rather we procure gem stones directly from international dealers once order is placed by client.

NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY provides Astrology Services in the form of remedial measures for various dosha in the natal chart. The remedies we provide after proper horoscope analysis  for tackling dosha are simple, user friendly and cost effective and native can perform the remedies easily without taking anyone’s help.
NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY also provides classes to aspirants who want to make their career in the field of Astrology. Within three months the learners become proficient in horoscope analysis.

Note: For senior citizens and people suffering from major health issues (who can’t afford our fees) NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY perform horoscope analysis and provides totally free Astrology Services and guidance.

To get the appointment for our Astrology Services on phone, text message or whatsapp  on Mob no.  +91 9899575606 / 9920303606
To get Astrology Services or appointment on e-mail reach us on VIKAS440@GMAIL.COM

NAVAGRAHA VEDIC ASTROLOGY (Global Astrology Services provider)
Vikas Bhardwaj